Social media can cause unrealistic expectations

The beginning of a relationship on Facebook will start with partners “liking” or commenting on the other’s content. When the couple changes their relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship” happens when the partnership is recognized by friends and peers online. The change of relationship status shows some form of possession that expresses that this body else has stopped being available (Bowe, 2010). For many couples, becoming Facebook official (FBO) is definitely an exciting thing to share with friends on social networking. The features that Facebook uses allows both users in order to connect to one another and displays it on both from the users’ profiles. If one partner is normally very private on social networks, then becoming FBO might be a cause for tension in the connection.

If you’re spending an excessive amount of time on social media cheating apps media marketing and feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction, frustration, or loneliness are impacting your health, it could be time for it to re-examine your web habits in order to find a healthier balance.

While virtual interaction on social networking doesn’t have the same psychological benefits as face-to-face contact, you may still find many positive ways in which it can help you stay connected and support your wellbeing.


In today’s world, many people depend on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram to find and connect with one another. While each has its benefits, it’s remembered that girlfriend cheating on snapchat can’t ever be a replacement for real-world human connection. It requires in-person experience of others to trigger the endocrine system that alleviate stress and make you feel happier, healthier, and more positive. Ironically for the technology that’s built to bring people closer together, spending a long time engaging with social media marketing can actually make you feel lonelier and more isolated—and exacerbate mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.