Technology of Wheel Washing System from MobyDick

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Contractors have responsibility to complete the construction project well. Then, they also have responsibility toward the surrounding and people around the site. One of them is to make sure that they will not make the road dirty. It is inevitable that the road will be dirty because of the soil, mud, and stones from the construction sites. These are brought by the vehicles that leave the site. When the vehicles are not cleaned and washed properly, the road will be dirty. That is why contractors now should have radwaschanlagen or wheel washing system to clean the wheels as part of social responsibility in keeping the road clean. MobyDick provides excellent washing system that will become great solution.

Low Pressure Technology

Instead of using high-pressure water jet to clean the wheel, MobyDick develops wheel water system that utilizes the low pressure. Some people may think that it will not be effective enough to clean and remove the soil and rocks on the wheel. In fact, it is effective, and it works well. The engineers have designed the nozzles and other parts to make sure that the water spray is strong enough to clean the wheels perfectly. Then, by having low water pressure, it will be able to control the direction of the sprays so there will not be uncontrolled water sprays that will only cause wastage problems.

Tailor-Made Wheel Washing System

In addition to its great system that can clean the wheel perfectly, the operational cost of using the wheel washers from MobyDick is lower than other kinds of wheel washers. The utilization of low pressure consumes lower energy so it can cut the operational cost for electricity. Then, it uses water recycling system so wastage problems can be solved. As for the design, MobyDick provides tailor-made wheel washer. It is something important because each contractor can have different demand and requirement of the wheel washer. Moreover, there can be different landscape. Thus, MobyDick provides wheel washers that can ordered based on the request and it is easy to install and operate.